170 Models of 3D People for ArchViz | 3DTree Studio Experience Post

170 Models of 3D People for ArchViz | 3DTree Studio Experience Post
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How to find proper 3D People for ArchViz project?

Digital stocks offer wide number of 3D people. Frequent problem for customers consists of differences between 3D product and its visual presentation. That’s why buyers need to spend more time to find proper 3d model.

To resolve this problem 3DTree Studio use Turbosquid.

How Turbosquid helps 3DTree Studio?

Turbosquid is world digital marketplace. It is a guarantor that customer will get qualitative product.

  1. Turbosquid is guarantor of quality. This 3D stock has technical quality standard of 3D models, which meets expectation of professionals and post-production needs. 3D models are inspected by Turbosquid staff and that’s confirm that presentation of 3D model is reflected customers needs.
  2. Money back system. Turbosquid offer Refund and Return Policy, which helps customers to get money back in special cases.
  3. Turbosquid is financial guarantor. Customer always make purchase without any problem.

CheckMate Lite Certification is reserved for well-made, quality 3D models.

This 3D content can be used within a professional pipeline.


CheckMate Models guarantee to customers to have an excellent experience:
  • No errors on opening – Model file opens without texture-related errors (missing textures, corrupt textures, etc.).
  • When model is rendered, texture placement is match thumbnails with reasonable accuracy.
  • All texture paths is stripped from model file. No texture paths referenced by model.
  • 3D model files, textures are zipped into a flat file structure, combined into a single compressed folder. That means trouble-free delivery to the customer.
  • Render within a customer’s native application looks identical to the provided images.
  • Material is applied to each object to represent real-world object surfaces, that helps to get quality surface representation.

Link to this product…

3DTree Studio created 170 models of 3D people for Archviz. This collection was certified by quality standard of Turbosquid.

Collection includes often used categories such as:

3DTree web store have handy Filter Tool. It helps customers to search right 3D model fast by additional categories, such as:

  • Pose (a-pose, communicating, moving, sitting, standing)
  • Season (beach, demi-season, summer, winter)
  • Age (child, elderly, middle, teen)
  • Gender (man, woman)

If you want to investigate quality of 3DTree product, please, download Free 3D Model.

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