AR Fashion Reality. Part1

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More than $ 2.5 billion was invested in VR/AR technology in 2017.

By the end of 2018 the number of devices with AR function exceeded 900 million.

3D-Technologies For E-commerce

Gadget manufacturers are pushing developers and the entire online business to use a new way of visualization in the e-commerce.

Adobe (leading software developer) in study “What shoppers want” concluded that “alternative views (like 360° spin,  interactive zoom) was chosen as the number one feature driving a purchase decision.”

Companies Golfsmith, Land’s End and Nook used 3D-technologies to increase sales by 10-40 percent. Consumers didn’t just read about a product, but were able to form their own impressions as if they already touched it.

Today the on-line 3D market has:

  • 500.000  3D models
  • 1.200  physical goods in on-line shops
  • about 450 vendors



VR/AR project on fashion week

In 2017 photographer from New-York Craig Arend and 3D scanning studio 3DCap, organized AR project at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

 The aim of the project was to create a proof of concept for experiential e-commerce.

5 days were spent scanning model looks pulled directly from the runway. The result was a virtual collection of 20 3D characters. The next stage of the project was to place the fashion collection on the internet for demonstration it through gadgets and web-browser without an extra investment in application (development). Sketchfab – the platform for publication VR/AR content – was chosen. This resource is available for Android and iOS, and there is also a web-version.

The experiment with 3DCap Studios shows that it’s possible to introduce new ways to visualize products for e-commerce and make online products closer for the consumer. Examples of investments and increasing number of AR applications shows that e-commerce is ready for new level of visualisation.

“AR Fashion Reality” 

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