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Upcoming Merry Christmas and Happy New Year is a time of miracles. Everything that is good and kind. All things new and surprising. In order to bring the magic of the season close to hearts, someone must create a holiday mood. 3D scanned people for graphic visualization is one among many tools of the merry craft.

Xmas Girl 3D Model | 3DTree Scanning Studio

How to spark a sense of miracle in adults, when a lush Christmas tree and glittering decorations are not enough anymore? Naturally, they have their own ingredients for a festive mood. New opportunities, surprising offers and tempting discounts. To make the above-mentioned things true to Merry Christmas and Happy New Year spirit, everything should contain the symbols of the coming holiday.

Advertising commercials and posters creators are the leading miracle-makers of the holiday mood. There are different tools, reserved for that purpose. Holiday people x20 Christmas collection is one of them, brought to you by digital 3D models creators. The collection can be used by designers, architects and other professionals, whose work demands a high quality static 3D objects for creating genuinely festive scenes.. 

Twenty  3D figures –  including children, adults and dogs – provide an indispensable opportunity to create various real-life holiday scenarios. Such as anticipating the gifts and feasting on all the joy and excitement. Even dogs are looking forward to presents during the holiday season. 

All models are certified by Turbosquid company, according to CheckMate Lite. It guarantees their quality and high-level 3D modeling. The compilation includes the most  required CG formats.

File Format

All objects are created using 3ds Max, in 3DS MAX 2016 V-Ray (.max).

Additional software and file formats the models are compatible with:

  • 3D Studio (.3ds)
  • Alembic (.abc)
  • Autodesk FBX (.fbx)
  • Wavefront OBJ (.obj)
  • Material Library (.mtl)
  • Stereolithography (.stl)

Holiday people x20 Collection Content

Holiday people x20 collection includes twenty 3D models – Santa Clauses, children and adults, and even dogs. The characters are dressed and fit for both inside and outside activities. There are both in-motion and static poses. Santa Claus is presented in his distinctive, classic postures. Dogs will breathe life into any interior or architectural scene. Due to a variety of different content combinations limitless 3D scenes are possible:

  • Santa Claus, carrying a bag with gifts.
  • Santa Claus, preparing to get a gift out of his bag. 
  • Santa Claus, regarding something or someone with a joyful expression.
  • Two little children, sitting on Santa’s lap.
  • Santa Claus saying farewell and leaving.
  • A seductive young woman, dressed as Santa Claus.
  • A young woman in a winter jacket, waving her hand.
  • A loving couple – the boy carrying the girl piggyback.
  • A father, leading his daughter by a hand.
  • A mother holding a baby by the hands, looking at someone.
  • A little girl, waving to someone shyly. 
  • A little boy, holding his mother by her hand.
  • A young girl in a winter jacket, frozen in admiration.
  • A mother and a daughter, hugging close together and looking at something.
  • A little girl, delighted by a new doll.
  • A Mixed-Breed and a Weimaraner, resting and sitting.
  • A Mixed-breed, holding a puller ring.

3D Models Specifications

Digital 3D figures are capable of fully replacing the real people. A high-quality 3D image can imitate authentic, real-life photographs of humans and animals. In the hands of the professionals, a virtual world comes to life, as if by a wave of a magic wand. Meticulously crafted 3D models convey the essential features of people and animals. Yet they do not make a file “too heavy” in technical terms. 

  • High quality UV maps.
  • Texture maps imitate dog hair and clothing material successfully and authentically. Thanks to them an illusion of life is created within a 3D image.
  • All 3D figures are made in a 1: 1 scale and can be conveniently inserted into an interior or architectural scene. A man will not appear as large as a house, a dog will not become as tiny as a book. With 3d scanned people x20 collection, a complete interior or architectural scale model can be brought to life in a matter of seconds. A designer will not have to waste any time on additional tasks.
  • All models are easy to integrate into an existing coordinate system.

Let’s put Santa Claus, with children cozily nested on his lap, under a Christmas tree. And their mother, admiring the touching scene from a side. Nearby place a father, leading his shy little girl by the hand, ushering her to join the fun. The scene will come to life and sparkle with truly festive colours.


Texture Resolution: 4096-8192 pixels
Texture Maps: Diffuse, Normal

3D models are not simply coloured, each one has a unique texture map. The maps imitate the surface of the genuine materials. For instance, the trim of Santa Claus’ costume is not a flat  white piece, it is fluffy. Different dog breeds have a specific type of fur, which differs not only by colour, but by structure. The folds of clothing look natural and add an air of realism and liveliness to the figures. The careful attention to details is in perfect harmony with a final file size. It is not “too heavy” and will not halt a pipeline. A 3D texture fully conveys the texture of materials.

3D Models Geometry

Geometry (Polygonal Tris):

  • Polygons: 50,000
  • Vertices: 25,000

An optimal amount of polygons, together with normal maps, create a smooth and  recognisable form. Every 3D object of the collection has an optimised surface. The amount of details is in perfect proportion with the final file size. Each character of the collection appears authentic and realistic. Yet, these qualities never interfere with its essential task. Holiday people x20 models “add life” to architectural and interior scenes. Instead of stealing the main focus or rendering the scene unfit to work with. 

Scene Specifications

A 3D scene, created with the help of models from 3d scanned people x20 collection, will remain lively and realistic at any angle. 3D models are not limited by only one “correct”  point of view. They are equally lifelike and detailed from every angle!  

The characters are selected and created with an aim to be able to construct a wide variety of combinations. Each model look apt and felicitous, placed next to the other. Children, dogs, Santas and adults – all of them are created with a purpose to make an architectural or an interior scale model full of life and holiday cheer.


The following software was used for a 3D rendering:

  • 3ds Max: 2016
  • V-Ray: 3.50.06

Rendering demonstrates all advantageous traits of a 3D model. No matter what software a designer or an architect uses, every figure of the Christmas Collection will maintain its vibrant colours, details and textures. 

Holiday people x20 Collection Pricing

Buying the whole collection results in a maximum benefit. The price is significantly lower, compared to a total price of all 3D models.


All models of a Christmas collection Holiday people x20 are certificated by CheckMate Lite of Turbosquid, an American leading company in 3D modeling market. A unified certification system guarantees that the models are in line with the highest worldwide quality standards.

3D Scanned people x20 Collection Quality

  • Each 3D model is a finished stand-alone object, ready to use. There is no need to purchase any additional files.
  • Each model, together with its texture, is packed into a separate archive. All archives are verified to open correctly.
  • The textures fully imitate real-life materials.
  • Scale 1: 1, in centimeters.
  • Models look alive and realistic. They are easy to combine with each other, fitting seamlessly into a scene and a scenario of choice.

All models are certified by CheckMate Lite.

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